Frederick Hyde and Hyde Lineage
Purley Hall
(From Burke's "The Landed Gentry")

HYDE, JOHN FRANCIS, Esq. Of Hyde End, and Balking, Berks, formerly of the 38th Regt.b.5 Dec. 1826; s. to the Hyde End estates 1862, at the death of his uncle, Charles Hyde, Esq.; m. 1 Jan. 1819, Elizabeth, dau. Of Edward Meeson, Esq.; m. 1 Jan. 1849, Elizabeth, dau. Of Edward Meeson, Esq., and has issue,

I. FRANK, b. 8 Oct. 1849.
II. Frederick-de la Hyde, b. 3 Dec. 1850.
III. Clarence-Charles, b. 29 March, 1852.
IV. Alfred-Benjamin, b. 17 May, 1851.
V. George-Cecil, b. 26 Dec. 1855.
VI. Leonard, b. 28 Dec. 1857

LINEAGE.- HUGH HYDE, of Letcombe Regis. Berks, 5th son of William Hyde, of South Denchworth, by Margery, dau. Of John Gater, Esq. Of Letcombe, m. Bridget, dau. And sole heir of ??? Dauney, of East Lavington, co. Wilts and had ??? , two daus. (Cecil, m. to William Wilmot, who d. Dec 16 ??, and Anne) a son,

FRANCIS HYDE, Esq. Of Whitchurch and Panghorne, co. Berks, who had, by Anne his wife, four sons and two daus. This Francis, who was living in 1621, and his wife 1620, d. before 21 Jan. 1634, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

RICHARD HYDE, Esq. Of Panghorne, living 1655, who m. Mary dau. Of William Smith (marriage settlement dated 3 Dec. 1618), and had issue. His son,

FRANCIS HYDE, Esq. Of Panghorne, m. Anne, sister of Anthony Carew, Esq. (settlement dated 30 June, 1651), and had two sons and a dau. He was s. by his elder son,

FRANCIS HYDE, Esq. Of Purley Hall, co. Berks, who m. Jane, dau. Of Jervose Fuller, of Reading(settlement dated 13 Jan. 1687), and by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1701) had issue. He died 13 Jan. 1712, and was s. by his son,

FRANCIS HYDE, Esq. Of Purley Hall, and Farringdon, co. Berks. He m. Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Widowes, of St. Giles, co. Middlesex (settlement dated 14 Nov. 1715), but had no issue. He d. 28 April, 17456 aged 54, and was s. by his brother,

JOHN HYDE, Esq. Of Marlborough, co. Wilts, who m. Mary sister of Francis Cruse, Esq., and by her (who d. Feb. 1782), had issue, John, his heir; Jane, m. to John Vincent Gandold, an Italian merchant; Maria; Margaret; and Anne. Mr Hyde d. 1750, aged 55, and was s. by his son,

JOHN HYDE, Esq. Of Marlborough, and afterwards of Hyde End, Brimpton, co. Berks. who m. Charlotte, dau. of Captain Jelfe, R.N., and by her (who d. 1816) had (with six daus.) five sons. 1 John, lieut. In the army, d.unm. at Bengal; 2 CHARLES his heir; 3 James, capt. H.E.I.C.S. at Fort William, Calcutta, d. there unm.; 4 Frederick, twin with Joshua, of Sevenoaks, Kent, Lieut. 4th Reg. M. had issue; 5 Joshua, of Dorchester, d. s. p. Mr Hyde d. Sept. 1819, aged 72, and was s. by his son,

CHARLES HYDE, Esq. Of Hyde End, b. Sept. 1793, at one time in the H.E.I. Co.'s Cicil Service in Madras. He d. in 1862, and was s. by his nephew, the present JOHN-FRANCIS HYDE, Esq. Of Hyde End.

Arms- Gu., two chevrons, arg. Crests-1st, a spear, ppr:, with a pennon, gu.; 2nd, a lion's head. Erased, su., bezantee. Seat-Hyde End, Berks.

Hyde End, Brimpton
Hyde End. Brimpton, Berkshire. July 2000
(photo - David Hyde)

THe following is taken from Audrey's notes of what our father (Graham Hyde) said about his grandfather (Father of Captain John Francis Hyde)

My Grandfather, Frederick Hyde, was born the elder of twins in 1787.

He had four brothers and six sisters, but was the only one to get married and have children. Two brothers died in India while serving in the Army; His twin, Joshua, became an Attorney at Law, and another brother, Charles, inherited the Hyde End Estates in Brimpton, Berkshire, when their Father died.

Three sisters lived past their forties, but the other three died at a young age.

Frederick joined the 4th regiment on Foot, The Kings Own, on the 29th of October, 1810, and fought in the Peninsula Wars.

He was to attain the rank of Lieutenant.

On one occasion, Frederick being the Officer of the Guard, was resting in his tent at a camp outside a captured city. The Duke of Wellington had issued an 'Order of the Day' stating that no Officer was to leave the camp in mufti.

That evening, two Officers rode up to pass the Guard. Noticing they were in mufti the Sentry challenged and called out the Officer of the Guard, Frederick.One of the riders approached Frederick, leaned over and whispered that the other rider was the Duke.

"Be he the Duke or the Devil, he don't pass here!" said Frederick.

The riders turned back from that particular post.

Later, in the battle of Nive, 1813, Frederick was wounded by having part of his jaw shot away. The Duke happened to notice the stretcher carrying him off the field.

"Who is that?" he asked. "Major Hyde, Sir".

"Major Hyde? You mean Major Punctilious!" said the Duke.

For one glorious moment my Grandfather had gone up two ranks, from Lieutenant to Major.

Frederick married Anna Hawkins, a daughter of James Hawkins, of Baughurst, Hampshire, on the 31st June, 1822, six weeks after their daughter Arabella was born.

Arabella was born on the 9th May, 1822, followed by my Father, John Francis, on the 5th December, 1824. Four years later Louisa Georgina, arrived on the 21st May, 1828, and lastly Elizabeth, on the 25th June, 1830. After Elizabeth was born Grandmother Anna died. She is buried at Sevenoaks. Frederick never married again.

Arabella married a Count Angelato...

...Louisa and Elizabeth died as spinsters in old age.

Frederick had ambitions for his son, John Francis, to go into the Cavalry, when he came of age. Being a younger son, Frederick had no share in the family estates of Hyde End, and lived on his half-pay after being invalided out of the 4th Regiment. Therefore he didn't have the means to buy his son into the Cavalry.

He obtained a private audience with Queen Victoria to plead his case.

The Duke of Wellington, who at the time was Prime Minister, was totally opposed to the whole idea.

"And what is your claim?" asked Her Majesty.

"This," answered Frederick.

With that, he took from his pocket some grubby pieces of jaw bone, wrapped in a handkerchief, and thrust it under the Queens nose.

She recoiled and needless to say, was not amused.

Frederick was smartly escorted away from Her Majesty's presence.

John Francis was enlisted into the 38th Regiment in 1843. Frederick came to an untimely end by being murdered by Highwaymen at Sevenoaks, circa 1845. He is buried at Reading.