Fatal Accident at 'The Little Gem'
Little Gem Goldmine

Clarence Charles Hyde

Clarence Charles Hyde

Clarence and Richmond Examiner,
Dalmorton. Thursday.

A fatal accident happened here yesterday, when a miner named Clarence Hyde was killed through falling down a shaft. It appears Hyde, in company with his mate J. Russell, were sinking a shaft on their reef known as "The Sugar Cane," and were troubled with foul air. They had procured a fan, and had it working for about twenty minutes when they went down to drill a hole.

After they had been down the shaft for about three quarters? of an hour the air began to affect them, so it was decided they would go up to the surface again. Russell started, and when about half way (25ft) he asked deceased how he was getting on, when he replied " Alright; up you go." Russell had just reached the top and threw himself on the ground when he heard his mate fall.

He set the fan in motion to give Hyde fresh air, and hearing Hyde groan concluded that he was hurt, and went for assistance, which he obtained about a mile away. Arriving at the shaft, H. Hunt immediately went down and brought Hyde to the surface, just a few minutes before death ensued.

Deceased was aged 34 years, a single man, and his quiet, unassuming manner won for him the respect of all residents on the field. Much sympathy is expressed for his brother, Mr. B. Hyde who is also very much respected.

They had recently obtained aid to sink their shaft, and have also a good show at Mount Poole The Hyde brothers have been here about two years, having come from the Macleay River, where a brother of theirs is in business at Kempacy.