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Robert Henderson-Bland - A cigarette makers romance
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Robert Hennderson-Bland - The Eternal City
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Robert Henderson-Bland - Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane
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Robert Henderson-Bland - Laertes in Hamlet
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Date of Birth:
Not required to mention under the Equal Oportunities Act.

As an Actor, Soldier and Poet.

Reading early Latin and Greek writers and poets. Travelling and womanising.

Work Experience:
Extensive and includes the following:
  • Two years with Sir Herbert Beerbohm's acting company. I was chosen to double Tree in "A man's shadow"
  • Two years with Mrs. Bandmann-Palmers Company.
  • The lead role in Sidney Olcot's film production of "From Manger to the Cross" filmed in the Holy Land in 1912- one of the first Hollywood feature films.
  • Captain in the Fifth Army in the first World War.
  • On the first theatrical tour of South Africa with Lily Langtry.
  • Leading roles in the silent movies "General Post" (1920), "Mr Gilfil's Love Story (1920), "A Cigarette-Maker's Romance" (1920). "Tangled Hearts" (1920), "Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills" (1921).
  • Two books of poems and many others published in periodicals.
My personal tutor gave me an extensive classical education.

General Sir Hubert Gough, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., etc. (Commander of the Fifth Army).

By General Sir Hubert Gough.

No one can read these notes, these odds and ends of memories of the war, without feeling that they are the reflection of the daily thoughts and actions of a real soldier during the terrific ordeals which soldiers went through in the war.

Captain Henderson-Bland's own record is a fine one, a true type of the best British officer - cheery in peace, and when at rest, thoughtful and efficient in the care of his men, courageous and resolute in action.

His description of the life and feelings of British soldiers brings home to the reader the solid characteristics of the race, and what we owe to those who went into the field to serve their country.

Henderson-Bland, R. (1939). Actor-Soldier-Poet.(p142) Heath Cranton Limited, London.

By Low Warren (A drama critic)

...The name of Henderson-Bland may not go down to posterity as that of a man who won lasting fame upon the stage, though he has played many parts with great actors and actresses, and played them well. But the actor's art is ephemeral. He is here today. Tomorrow he is forgotten. As Henley so well put it:

Where are the passions they essayed,

     And where are the tears they made to flow?

Where are the wild humours they portrayed

     For laughing worlds to see and know?

     Othello's wrath and Juliets woe?

Sir Peter's whims and Timon's gall?

     And Millimant and Romeo?---

Into the night go one and all.

The genius of the poet, the painter, the sculptor, the musician, may well oulive the best, for the work of their labours, by which they are judged, is left behind them for all to see. The actor's mumming is but a memory that fades and dies.

In this respect Henderson-Bland should be a happy man. He will leave behind him an imperishable record of a great part nobly played in the filmed life of Christ, and a sheaf of beautiful poems, as imprints of his footsteps upon the sands of time.

Henderson-Bland, R. (1939). Actor-Soldier-Poet.(pp. 17-21) Heath Cranton Limited, London.

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